Christian Demo Tapes


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100% Proof – Greenbelt – 1981 (LIVE)

Location: UK

Style: Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal

I was very lucky to get hold of this tape , because it includes the entire 8 songs from this legendary 100% Proof 1981 Greenbelt festival concert. Some Legendary bands have played at this 81′ festival including U2 and REZ band. Also one song from this concert “Midmorning blues” was officially released by myrrh label (UK) on vinyl in 1983 – titled “greenbelt 74′-83′ . So I’m sure that Myrrh label recorded this entire concert and this could possibly be a copy of it ? I can only speculate ? Tape sounds like a decent soundboard recording. Also I have confirmation that the handwriting on this tape is that of the legendary 80’s tape trader Dave Johnson – founder/editor of white throne magazine. Could this be one of his legendary trades way back in the day ? Very possibly so! For almost 40 years ago…it is a rare piece of music history since this definitely goes way back in time when christian heavy metal seems to not even exist. These early pioneers could really rock in a heavy metal style way back in 1981 ! It’s truly AMAZING! Highlight of this show band play a Christian rendition of AC/DC’s “Let there be rock”. called “Let there be light” Great show ! Very rare tape !

Tracklist :

  • Intro/ 2001 space oddessey
  • Rock and roll
  • To be someone
  • Backseat driver
  • Freedom
  • The loner
  • Tightrope/Drum Solo
  • Let there be light

Redeemer – Demo – 1987 ( 2 song )

Location: California , USA

Style: Heavy metal

This demo I had no clue ever even existed? After hearing the 2007 rerecording /remix of Redeemer- double edge sword album by guitar legend Bill Menchen. But..after listening to this demo it sounds really good production wise it’s not bad for 1987 standards I think I like this better! Bill’s vocal’s sound almost identical to the rerecord …. but the guitars are way more crunchy heavy metal on this 2 song demo tape , both of these songs were rerecorded in 2007 ! But these are the original versions by Bill Menchen’s original band called redeemer way back in 1987! Really great stuff ! Very rare!


  • Let the light shine on
  • Eons of time

Force 3 – Opposing forces – Demo – 1987 ? ( 2 song demo )

Location: UK

Style: Heavy Metal

This is a very interesting demo. Since there is no actual date on this demo and after listening to it multiple times .I’m guessing it is a pre-Force 3 “warriors of light” demo . Possibly 1986/87? Judging by the solid black colored cassette which were used more early/mid eighties, versus the clear tapes used later 80’s. After 100% proof was no more in 1985 ? There singer guitarist Charlie Wilson formed Force 3 it is also very interesting that the covers are very similar on this demo and warriors of light album of a guy holding a sword. This demo does not dissappoint it is great metal ! Great production and sound quality on this also ! Not sure how many of these were made ? but I’m assuming it is very rare? Possibly only used for promo purposes , never made available to public?


  • Opposing forces
  • Devil in disguise

The refuge – Demo – date unknown 89/90? ( 5 song demo )

Location: California, USA

Style: Alt. Rock

This is a very nice demo, decent sound quality ! Very hard to describe what they sound like they are alternative rock. There is no date on this either? Also I know the band is from Orange County Ca…. The more I listen to this the more I like it …It’s raw Alt rock almost worship music on the song holy ….I have no clue where I got this tape .. But I really like it alot! Maybe rare?


  • Until tomorrow
  • Holy
  • Running blind
  • Your will
  • Forty days

If anyone has info on this band , I would definitely be interested in it!

Matrix – (No-title) demo – Year Unknown? 80’s?

Location: Louisville, KY, USA

Style: Heavy Metal

This is a very strange demo contains 2 Matrix songs from PG-13 demo , and 2 songs from silent madness demo on both sides . I wonder what was the purpose of this demo possibly for promo purposes band sent to record companies trying to get signed, maybe they used this shorter demo ?… one can only speculate ? I assume ….It is very rare !


  • We got the rhythm
  • What’s the point
  • What must I do
  • Look at me now

Sincerely Paul – Limited edition 1989 2 song Demo

Location: California , USA

Style: Alt. Rock

This is an amazing demo , it only contains 2 songs but they are amazing pro – quality on this demo. Not sure if these songs were included on the latter greive reissue ? These are not the same versions on the greive album that’s for sure! Great music , great band! This one is pretty rare!


  • Darkness blinds you
  • Nineteen Years


Asher – Demos – 1981. – 10 Song

Location: Louisville, KY, USA

Style: Mixed- Rock/Heavy metal/Country/Gospel/Alt

Asher from Louisville KY has a connection with Matrix/Bride and Dale Thompson. Asher was Billy Sutherlands first band back in 1981! Billy Sutherland is known for doing alot of guitar work on Matrix -PG-13 And MSMD Demos. Also interesting Dale Thompson mentions Asher as the first Christian rock band he had ever seen in his life and was blown away by their radical guitarist named Billy Sutherland Dale goes on to say that experience was the reason he got started in christian rock/heavy metal music. Anyways this 10 song demo has alot of mix from rock to country to gospel & worship and a very interesting guitar feedback intro on track 6 ! It’s a good mix and definitely a interesting listen! Very rare stuff !



  • Been set free
  • If you miss heaven
  • I didn’t die
  • If I had an ear
  • Jump and shout
  • I’ve been saved
  • Praises to You
  • Should have asked the Lord
  • Let Your Jesus show
  • Goin to Heaven

Antioch – Spontaneous combustion 1987 Demo (7 songs)

Location : Washington state , USA

Style: Heavy. Metal

This is a great early christian metal ! These guys are from Washington state , not to be confused with the other Antioch from California ! I was very fortunate to get a sealed copy of this(It wasn’t cheap) so it’s a beautiful digital transfer . Very nice 7 song pro-quality demo !Every song on this ROCKS !!! This is serious heavy metal!………. I wonder whatever happened to these guys ! Very rare tape!


  • Didn’t anybody say…?
  • Never too late
  • Think before you act
  • Middle of the night
  • Let it flow
  • World of darkness
  • Revelation


Unknown Tongues – Demo – 1990? ( 3 song )

Location: California , USA

Style: Alt Rock

I don’t know a whole lot about this band. They are alt rock band …This demo is from around 1990? and the singer is the brother of biker James Bass player of the Godsent humans . It is a great demo …great songs …good quality……. very short demo though!


  • Repent to live
  • Without love
  • Unconditionally

The Calm – Demo. – 1993. – (3 songs )

Location: Virginia , USA

Style: Rock/Metal/Alt

Great demo ! Audio quality not the best…A little rough ! But I really like this guitarist PJ Bussey he played in Taker , Armegeddon his attic symphony instrumental cd is great too.. this demo is kind of a mix of rock/metal/ alt rock …..its very interesting to listen to! Pretty rare demo!


  • The Choice
  • Burned out in Babylon
  • Reality

Avalanche – Pray for the sinner – 1985 – Cassette ( + 2 Bonus tracks)

Location: Missouri , USA

Style : Heavy Metal

Great Album ! These guys sound alot like Helix very Hard & Heavy Metal. The band is from Missouri area….. Every song on this album is amazing even the 2 bonus tracks exclusive to this tape 1985 release by green world records ! Very rare cassette version with bonus tracks!



  • They won’t take me
  • We will fight
  • Tortured defender
  • This love I feel
  • Child of damnation
  • Pray for the sinner
  • Sorceror
  • Devils door
  • Battle axe
  • Rock hard and heavy
  • When the thunder roars (Bonus Track)
  • Amazing grace ( Bonus Track)

The Violet burning -Chosen -Demo 1988/89?- 6 songs / Uthanda – Demo – 1989/90 ? – 3 songs

Style : ALT Rock

Location : California , USA

This Violet burning demo is very interesting piece of history from pre-chosen era. 4 songs appear to be studio demos and last 2 songs are live. quality on this isn’t the greatest , but for any serious violet fan this is a serious must have rarity! It is an incredible glimpse into the musical genius of mike pretzl . This demo is probably very RARE!

The other part of this tape contains a 3 song demo by Uthanda – possibly 89? 90? It is really good must have been when they first started out ! I will have to research more on this demo ???



  • Violet Burning – Violet (Studio)
  • Violet Burning – Children Dancing ( Studio )
  • Violet Burning – Sweet Mercy ( Studio)
  • Violet Burning – The love You give ( Studio)
  • Violet Burning – The Killing ( Live)
  • Violet Burning – Violet ( Live )
  • Uthanda – Daniel
  • Uthanda – Unguarded moment
  • Uthanda – Someone New
Follower – Into The Son – 1985 – Quicksilver Cassette Tape

Style : Hard Rock / Metal

Location : Texas ,USA

This is a great Hard rock/Metal band from Austin, Texas ! There music can be compared to Aerosmith or Y&T ! They sound pretty metal to me. There Lead guitarist Brain Wooten can really play good metal solos! Great Christ centered lyrics on entire album! Follower received a write up in Heaven’s metal Issue # 7 which also gives the band great reviews apparently Followers singer Lance Keltner was also in a couple other bands called Ian Ripper , Witness and Lance Keltner group …very busy guy! I believe this band may be an incarnation of Ian Ripper and Witness. It’s a shame with better album production this band could have possibly achieved alot more success? Also what’s great about this album has a full 10 songs on it ….which is great ! Good early christian heavy metal for 1985 for sure. It’s a pretty rare demo tape !


  • You gotta choose
  • Father of lies
  • Kill the nazarene
  • A tear from God’s eye
  • Tired of running
  • Into the Son
  • Bathe me in the blood
  • Fear no evil
  • Tribulation times
  • Praise the Lord

Maxx Warrior – EP – DEMO – Cassette. – 1985

Style : Heavy Metal

Location ; North Carolina , USA

Great classic metal on this 4 song demo tape ! Great production and pro – quality! Maxx warrior are truly christian heavy metal pioneers and are mentioned in very early editions of Heaven’s metal mag! This tape is very rare , if you can find one on eBay it’s usually alot of money ?


  • High on metal
  • It’s alright
  • Taken by forces
  • Burning down the gates of hell
Eisley – Organ Cassette Demos -2000 ?

Style : Alt Rock

Location : California, USA

An unofficially-released collection of demos sung with an organ keyboard and recorded on cassette. Some demos went on to have studio recordings and album releases, but others appear only in this collection, raw and incomplete. Interesting listen…not sure if this is before 2004 album room noises?


  • Cry if you want
  • Just like we do
  • Lost at sea
  • One day I slowly floated away
  • Plenty of pages
  • Queen of leaves
  • Seeing as I worry you
  • Silver bugs
  • Vintage people
X-Terra – Who Said – 1989 – Demo – Cassette

Style: Heavy Metal

Location: PA, USA

This is a great early christian metal band! X- Terra made three 80’s Demos and this is one of them ! Great album , great metal ! This demo has the most tracks from there early period with 8 songs . Very hard to find there early stuff, I think this band is still doing music today !



  • Who said
  • I need You
  • Take heed
  • Cruising for a bruisin
  • Keep the faith
  • Too Busy
  • Eye of the hurricane
  • Ready or not


Killing Tree- Demo – 1990? ( 4 song).

Style : Alt Rock

Location ; California , USA

Interesting band ! They sound really good , energetic alt rock! I’m Guessing early 1990’s? I must have seen them way back in the day ! Since I have no clue how I ended up with there Demo Tape ?They’re a good alternative rock band . Don’t know much about killing tree will have to some more research on this one . They sound like early Asight unseen with a male and female singer .Very good stuff ! Probably very rare!


  • Whitewash
  • Feed
  • HR3
  • Mushroom


Boanerges – Battle Mind – 1987 – Demo Cassette

Style : Metal / Trash Metal

Location; Texas. USA

Apparently this demo is super duper rare! Maybe because when the band listed it in HM Mag back in 1987 they put their wrong Zip code as contact info, so alot of people had there letters returned by the post office and where unable to get ahold of this demo that would explain it’s scarcity . This is more a thrash metal band similar to the Lead since they have a female vocalist. really good thrash metal from Austin Texas !

Tracks :

  • Battle Mind
  • Holy Wars
  • Resist
  • Never let you die

Antioch – Demo – 1986 ( 4 songs )

Style : Heavy Metal

Location : California , USA

So this is the other 80’s Antioch christian metal band but from CA. And I found out some very interesting facts about this demo and band from Antioch’s guitarist Mike Gross. This demo was professionally recorded and mixed by Ray (Reggie) Ogawa who was Vivian Campbell’s of DIO guitar technician. Also Interesting is Antioch’s Bass player Les Deal is the son of Mick Marr’s the guitarist of Motley Crue . The singer is Charlie fine. Great overall sound on this 1986 demo .This is there first demo and the only one that was professionally done. shredding guitars crunchy metal! Very rare demo !

Tracks :

  • Let me go away
  • Only You
  • Let it go
  • No turning back

Final Prophecy – He set the captives free – Demo – 1990 (4 songs)

Style : Metal / Thrash Metal

Location : Florida ,USA

Great thrash metal band from Florida ! I believe this is there first demo. there second demo is called “Rude awakening ” from 1991. Pretty good production and sound on this 1990 4 song demo. Very rare !


  • He set the captives free
  • Where pain never dwells
  • Product of society
  • M.D.O.D.

Overdrive – Remembering the basher – 2006 – Demo Compilation

Style: Heavy metal

Location : USA

This is a great 80’s power metal band . True pioneers of christian heavy metal! This rare compilation was independently released in 2006 . It was released as 2 CDR’S containing 4 demos from 1985 to 1990 and includes a radio interview with band as well. It contain’s Overdrive- Demo # 1 Damascus – 1985 Overdrive-Demo #2 Sacred Heart – 1987 Demo # 3 Overdrive Self titled Demo – 1989 and Demo # 4 A grave mistake -1990 . From what I can tell this limited edition set is pretty rare !


  • Bring out the big guns ( Overdrive demo -89)
  • Hellbound. ( Overdrive demo -89 )
  • Shelter and strenght ( Overdrive demo – 89 )
  • Living sacrifice (Overdrive demo -89)
  • Mark my words (Overdrive demo -89)
  • Rodent of the piper (Overdrive demo-89)
  • Crusade (Overdrive demo- 89)
  • When the saints ( A grave mistake demo – 90)
  • Standing in line ( A grave mistake demo – 90)
  • Light a candle for me ( A grave mistake – 90 )
  • You need a friend ( A grave mistake – 90)
  • Gotta have faith(Sacred heart demo-87)
  • Shelter and strength(Sacred heart demo – 87)
  • Never too soon (Sacred heart demo – 87)
  • Child of the Father ( Sacred heart demo – 87 )
  • High on God ( Sacred heart demo )
  • Animate (Damascus demo-85)
  • Think of Me (Damascus demo-85)
  • Don’t worry (Damascus demo-85)
  • Rock 105 overdrive interview

Ground floor 2 CD – SET with Kevin Allison

Ground Floor Rock Radio Show – Easter Resurrection Special ( Circa 1990 ?) – With Kevin Allison

This is a interesting piece of christian rock radio history ! “The Ground floor” radio show was a program which ran late 80’s to early 90’s out of Los Angeles CA on KSFG 93.5 FM Christian radio. I believe it was a 2 hour weekly show that played christian alt/rock/metal. Its interesting that the show host Kevin Allison would later go on to somewhat celebrity status in the world doing numerous things (Risk show) ! The other two co-hosts were Evy Metal (Cool name) and Brother John. Anyways this 2 hour easter special is pretty cool to listen to ….defintely a blast from the past! This was given away as a special “Promotional” contest so it may be the only copy that exist’s…Possibly ? Making it very rare !


Sanctified Sister Radio PROMO Demo – 1995. 3 song

Style : Metal/ Thrash

Location CA , USA

This is a great little demo produced by legendary Jimmy Brown of Deliverance. Apparently Sanctified sister were the opening band for deliverance during river disturbance era. This is semi -pro quality 3 song demo which was given out to radio stations mostly so it makes it a extremely rare demo which hasn’t circulated much !


  • Jaded
  • Kindred spirit
  • Tranquil


Style : Heavy Metal

Location – New Mexico , USA

This is a great early christian metal band out of New Mexico. These rehearsals are pretty rough sounding maybe recorded in there garage practice sessions? not exactly sure? There are 10 songs in the rehearsal + 4 live songs recorded in the summer 1985. The live recordings are rough but document the early years of this legendary band…. It’s a shame the sound quality is lacking ! I really like this metal band! Maybe Rare?


  • Sign of the cross (Take 1 )
  • Sign of the cross (Take 2 )
  • Sign of the cross (Take 3)
  • Metal from above
  • Unknown song
  • Song segments
  • Deliverance
  • Black death
  • The final journey
  • Crucifition
  • Plus 4 Live Songs recorded Summer 1985

Chariot – Promo Demo? – 1986 – ( 2 songs )

Style ; Heavy Metal

Location : Florida USA

So this appears to be the same chariot from Florida that has “step into the light” demo and “Tell the world “demo. I have no clue if this is a rare promo ? Since it only has 2 songs on it ! Both songs are on the 1987 “step into the light”. demo and the song “truth” is on white metal invasion 1988. So maybe these are earlier versions of these two songs since this demo is dated 1986 ? These songs sound like different earlier versions . Also Interesting the bands business card is taped to cassette case with all band members first names and phone #. Anyways it’s good metal for sure! Amazing shredding metal for 1986 ! Maybe very rare !


  • Truth
  • Know for sure

Keith Anderson – John Heald (Armada)- Demo – 198? – (4 songs ).

Style : Rock/Metal

Location: Michigan USA

So this demo immediately caught my attention when I saw the name John Heald who was the drummer of the legendary christian metal band Armada . Apparently John Heald teamed up with Keith Anderson (Not sure what band Keith came from?) who does everything else but the drums and keyboards on this ,He also wrote and produced it all too! Very talented guy ,very catchy tunes on this demo. It sounds like a mix of rock and mostly metal with keyboards added in on first song , but I would say mostly hard Rock/Metal on this one. Its an interesting demo I’m guessing this was done late eighties …but not sure since there is no date? Very rare ! I assume !


  • Surrender
  • We rock
  • Now you see me…..
  • I got to tell you

St. Warren-1990- ( 7 Songs )

Style: Heavy Metal

Location: Florida, USA

This is an interesting find ! Apparently St. Warren consists of 2 brothers Brett and Brad St. Warren who started out doing heavy metal in a band called Edenrock in the eighties ! They opened for Barren cross in 1989. I enclosed a photo copy of that flyer. After Edenrock , the brothers started ST. Warren in 1990 which is a alot more commercial type metal compared to Edenrock which is more in your face non commercial 80″s heavy metal . What’s really interesting is that the Warren brothers would later go onto country music celebrity status and fame touring with Faith hill and Tim mcgraw .and writing many hits songs for big name country artists other bands. So they went from Metal to country ! Very interesting piece of christian metal history with this band !

Tracks :

  • ST Warren – Lisa
  • ST Warren- The fight goes on
  • ST Warren – I’ve been dreamin
  • ST Warren – Only you
  • ST Warren- Key to my heart
  • ST Warren – Waiting for tomorrow
  • ST Warren – Finally

EDENROCK – DEMO -1988/89 ? ( 2 SONG DEMO )

Style : Heavy Metal

Location : Florida , USA

Interesting history regarding the band Edenrock, the warren brother’s Brett and Brad’s first christian heavy metal band they were doing so good they were opening for Barren cross back in 1989. One brother was the singer and the other played guitar I believe ! Even though this demo is only 2 songs it sure gives an idea of the raw talent these 2 brothers had in song writing and musicianship ! As far as I know this was never released to the public making It a rare piece of christian metal history …that’s for sure!


  • Rock the hell out of you
  • Everybody Wants

Noble Savage – Demo – 1988 – 4 song

Style : Power Metal/Heavy metal

Location Florida USA

I had a rough time getting a clean rip off this tape ,but thankfully entire demo was on side 2 . So I was able to pull it off! This band from Jacksonville , Florida plays great power metal /Heavy metal ! Every song on this tape is amazing …ALL these obscure 80’s metal bands ! This is a very rare demo!


  • Noble savage
  • Don’t live for tomorrow
  • No retreat
  • Trail of tears

Armada – Hope of glory – Anthology – CD

Style : Heavy Metal

Location: Michigan USA

This is the only Armada CD release of songs from the ultra-rare underground indie cassette-only releases from this Christian hard rock band headed by keyboard/guitarist Dave Dawdy and drummer John Heald (now deceased), as well as some new songs. Tracks 1, 7, 10, 14 and 17 are previously unreleased studio recordings from 1989-1990. Tracks 4, 6, 8, 11, 13 and 16 are from the “Black and White” album (1988). Tracks 3, 5 and 12 are from the “Frontline” album (1987). Tracks 2, 9 and 15 are from the “All Four One” album (1986). The cover art is by caricature artist extraordinaire Dennis Preston. Great demo compilation CD ! Very Rare !


  • Neverleft
  • Streetwise
  • All You need (Salvation
  • Cry out for the children
  • Communication
  • Hope of glory
  • I’ll walk away
  • Hail to the king
  • Witness
  • Words of love
  • Renegade
  • Frontline
  • All day long
  • Falling down
  • Shelter
  • Suicide
  • Break the chains

Passage – Demo – 1990 (3 song DEMO + Interview )

Style : Heavy Metal

Location : Texas. USA

When I looked at the cover of this tape I was expecting a softer pop rock type sound from this band. I was surprised this is good hard rock/heavy metal . The passage lead guitarist Stacy Steele can shred out some good solos and frontman singer /guitarist Scott dale also helps . Bass player is John welch and drums Robby Dale . It just goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover this is hard rock / metal…for sure ! Great stuff ! Very rare !


  • If you believe
  • Don’t walk alone
  • Between the lines
  • Interview

Sovereign – Empowered by God – Demo – Cassette – 1996- (14 song album)

Style : Thrash Metal

Location Florida USA

I have never heard of these guys ! they are straight up hardcore thrash metal out of Florida . I have enclosed a photo of a promo poster of one of there concerts promoted by MOSH ON 3RPC FM 106.5 Florida ! Very interesting band! It’s great that this independent release cassette has a full 14 songs on there own private label sovereign music dated 1996. Very rare !


  • Primordial dust
  • Inner strength
  • FACE
  • Enter
  • Image
  • Last chance
  • Necrophobia
  • Straight
  • Empty souls
  • SOS
  • Death has no dominion
  • Nourishment
  • Without
  • New world

Ruwach – Demo – 1999- (4 song)

Style :Hard Rock / Metal

Location ; Alabama USA

This band called Ruwach from Alabama had a Christian rock music ministry out out Alabama . This band sounds more Hard rock than metal …though they still sound pretty good to me . Sometimes its hard to define the hard rock from the heavy metal? Independent label .Very Rare tape !


  • Need a cure
  • Calvary
  • Ruwach
  • Exodus

Eleven Fifty Nine – Eleven Fifty Nine – Demo – 1995. – (8 song)

Style ; Hard Rock/Metal/Grunge

Location : Florida USA

These guys from Florida called Eleven fifty nine are an interesting mix of hard rock/Metal and Grunge . Independent release 8 song demo ! Very rare !


  • He
  • Get the hell out
  • Bucci 1
  • First nail
  • Big mistake
  • Searching for light
  • God’s not fair
  • Maybe tomorrow

Messiah – 1985 – Demo ( 5 Song )

Style : Heavy Metal

Location :Michigan USA

Apparently this Band Messiah Started out in the mid seventies in Texas then relocated to Michigan. Messiah had a demo from 1979 which is considered by many to be the foundation of Christian heavy metal music . Messiah also released a 1984 album titled final warning and 1985 album titled Going insane which were real obscure hard/impossible to find gems until recently reissued! This demo is from 1985 not sure where it came from ? but its interesting that none of these 1985 demo songs made it onto going insane album , but maybe this demo was done after going insane album …possibly! Great Metal band ! Very rare !

Tracks :

  • Intro
  • Soothslayer
  • King Solomon
  • The emissary
  • Split of mind

Legion – Evening Dance – 1988 – Full album (10Songs)

Style : Rock

Location: Canada

Great early christian rock band out of Canada I believe this is there only album dated 1988 . This was put out by JLT records (Canada) so it is pretty rare to find on cassette ! I was lucky to find a sealed tape so the digital rip is very clean, very nice! Great rock band ! Great album !


  • Evening dance
  • Short of glory
  • Wild river
  • Rachel
  • Everything
  • Still falls the rain
  • Young lovers
  • Earth under foot
  • Throughout the years
  • Yeldem



Location : Illinois USA

Great AOR Melodic Hard Rock band out of Illinois from 1992 ! Reminds me of Ruscha or Lost and found , singer sounds a bit like Dennis Deyoung from the band styx. Album is very keyboard /guitar driven a great album some songs even have a little metal guitar edge to them, it’s that gray area between hard rock /heavy metal ! I was glad to find on cassette it is quite rare to find these days!


  • In the presence
  • Against the flow
  • Hazardous
  • Soul Purpose
  • Pain
  • A million miles away
  • Eye of the storm
  • To whom it may concern
  • Were fed up
  • Dreams of fire

Crimson Glory -Crimson Glory – 1986 – Album

Style: Heavy Metal

Location: Florida USA

This is an interesting metal band called Crimson Glory. I originally found out about them because they were featured way back in the day in Issue #4 of White throne magazine . Although Crimson Glory doesn’t consider themselves as a christian band per se .All members of the band claim to be christians according to interview in white throne issue #4. Also interesting is at the intro to the song “Angels of war” it starts out ” Yeah, though we walk through the valley of the shadows of death . We shall fear no evil. For thou art with us. For thine is the kingdom , the power and the glory, forever” . This band has serious talent singer sounds like guy from queensryche and This 8 song album seems professionally produced ! Great debut album ! These musicians are very professional and for 1986 it’s really good! A great Metal band !


  • Valhalla
  • Dragonlady
  • Heart of steel
  • Azrael
  • Mayday
  • Queen of the masquerade
  • Angels of war
  • Lost reflection
Craig Erickson – In My Heart – Demo – 1988 (5 Song)

Style : Heavy Metal

Location : Iowa , USA

This guy Craig Erickson is a guitar shredder for sure . This must be His first intrumental solo demo while He was also doing His other band called Red Sky which is also great stuff ! Also Craig plays all Instruments on this talk about multi-talented ! Not the best sound quality but , this is a great little demo …..Very Rare !


  • Funky Planet
  • Joyful Tears
  • Stompin’
  • Through the desert
  • Going Home

Toni Rossi – Love in the city – 1990 – Album (Refuge Label)

Style: Hard Rock / Metal

Location : Canada

Great Solo debut album from the lead guitarist Toni Rossi from the legendary Daniel Band the Canadian Christian Hard Rock /Heavy Metal pioneers . If you like Daniel band you’ll love this album it almost sounds like it could have been a Daniel Band album . It has great Blues Metal Acoustic guitar work and this is a guitar driven album with a definite metal /bluesy edge to it ! I believe he made one more solo album after this called TRB in 1992 ? Great catchy tunes and hooks ! An overall great album ! Not super rare to find ! But worth listening to again and again ! If your a Daniel Band Fan? You’ll love this!


  • Down where the love grows
  • Sooner or later
  • Ain’t nobody gonna
  • Not what it seems
  • Love in the city
  • Candles
  • Higher
  • I.G.Y
  • Love followed me home
  • One way Inn
  • Dry the tears

Idle Cure – Live At Flevo Festival – 1987. ( Bootleg)

Style : Rock / Hard Rock AOR

Location ; California USA

I have to admit I never was the biggest Idle cure fan. But this little live soundboard bootleg recording has a little more harder rock metal edge to it ! This old 1987 show is a great listen ! I’m guessing Chuck king must have left already to do his thing with band Shout & Ken tamplin ? He’s not listed as playing on this recording. This is a great show not bad sound quality definitely a rare piece of Christian rock music history ! They play there mega hit Breakaway as last song ! Great show overall. great stuff !

Tracks :

  • Come alive
  • Silent Hope
  • From the heart
  • Come back to me
  • Overdrive
  • Higher love
  • Breakaway


Style : Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal

Location. : UK

WOW!……..I couldn’t believe I was able to find this one??? . These guys were outta the UK and released a 3 song demo called “Gambler”. which is impossible to find these days along with this VRS Label release 2 song 7″ single . The band broke up right after recording this single and they have a big write up in White throne issue #1 1986 where Dave Johnson gives the band rave reviews and considers there guitarist (Mark Timson)the top three of christian metal compares marks timsons playing to Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy) style . Dave Johnson does a complete interview with Mark Timson in that WT Issue #1 …. it’s an interesting read for sure! Omega band is also featured in the Heaven’s Metal Magazine’s Issue #7 dated 1986 where they also get excellent reviews ! So even though this is just a 2 song demo released in 1985 it is well worth collecting being a great part of early christian metal history! A super rare find probably in the next impossible to find category?


  • Love will find a way
  • Give yourself to Jesus

Taker – It is Finished – Anthology – Bonus Disc 1988 Live + Studio – (100 Copies ) (2014 Roxx Records)

Style ; Melodic Heavy Metal

Location : Virginia , USA

This was a hard one to find since I missed the initial Roxx Records 2014 preorder on this album and (100 copies only) bonus disc . This Taker band is great melodic metal the guitarist PJ bussey is incredible ! And the singer Kevin potter has incredible vocal range ! This bonus disc features a great sounding live soundboard show 8 songs recorded on Halloween night in 1988 at the street cry festival in Virginia. This Disc also has a few songs from Attic Symphony CD which is a collaboration between PJ Bussey and Dan Wilkerson(Bass Player) …That also is a great instrumental album ! Very hard to find this anthology CD these days !

Tracks are listed on CD photo so I won’t post them down here on this one !

Roxus – Nightstreet + Live – 2011 German Reissue/Remaster AOR Heaven Label (Limited Edition)

Style : Rock / AOR

Location. : Australia

These guys used to be called De-Arrow in the 1980’s then they changed there name to Roxus 1990’s? They are really popular in Australia and this German label AOR heaven remaster with live tracks is supposed to be hard to find. Which isn’t really true it’s just alot of money to buy when you find it ! They are a Rock/ AOR band they remind me of the Swedish band called Charisma -rock the world album alot ! Not bad at all it’s just Rock / AOR Music ! The remaster of 1991 Nightstreet album + 4 live songs sounds incredible very good audio sound quality!


  • Rock n roll nights
  • My way
  • Bad Boys
  • Midnight love
  • Where are you now
  • Nightstreet
  • This time
  • First break of the heart
  • Stand back
  • Jimi G
  • Body Heat. 7″ single (Bonus track)
  • That girl (Live)
  • Body heat (Live)
  • Morning light (Live)
  • Stand Back (Live)


Style : Heavy Metal

Location: Connecticut, USA

I was finally able to get this rare demo which is like next to impossible to find. This band started out as Ransom and they are even featured on front cover of HM Mag Issue # 12 dated 1986 as Ransom . They sometime later became Rage of angels which are legends in early christian metal history . There self titled only release sells for alot of money and is somewhat of a rarity . A couple of the Rage of angel’s band members would later go on to Steelheart . These three Demo songs are REX demo outtakes from there first album. These guys are great one of my all time favorite christian metal bands ! These demos are INCREDIBLE!


  • Never Leave You
  • Reason To Rock
  • Somebody’s Watching You


Style: Rock/Hard Rock

Location : CA, USA

These guys are great and have a couple other demos a 1987 Demo and a 1990 Demo titled “End of the rainbow” and then there’s this Jordan Blue demo dated 1993 . This one seems to have a little more metal edge to it ! It’s pretty good ! These guys played alot of shows in the 80’s early 90’s and were connected to Sanctuary Church in California. Jordan also released a Compilation CD titled “collective rain” which contains some of these demos. All these demos are next to impossible to find especially there 8 song 1987 demo. So this also is quite a rarity!

Tracks :

  • Get Out
  • The Road
  • Ridin for Jesus

DUBEEL – BOX -O- ROX – DEMO – 1990.

Style : Glam Metal

Location: USA

I just recently found out about this band . They are a great female fronted glam metal band that have numerous demos dating back to 1986 , but this Box- O- Rox Demo seems to be one of the harder ones to find it seems . Possibly this was there last demo 1990 ? This demo seems more like a full length album . Great album , great band ! Very rare !

I will not list the tracks because they are on J- Card photo above.




This band Zion and tape is smoking hot for 1984 and apparently there are 2 different versions of this tape according to magazine article in white throne issue # 1. So apparently there’s a MK1 tape which was the first release issue 1984 which was high speed dub from master at 500 tapes at a time thus (LOW QUALITY ALOT OF TAPE HISS), then there is MK2 Issue (1985 and later)which produced a higher quality dub from master on a slow speed . Wow what a huge difference in audio quality it’s like night and day ! It reminds me of Stryper’s first album the 1984 first mix with loud guitars versus the 1986 remix (No guitars,Loud drums) This tape is incredible 1984 white metal definitley one on all time my favorite white metal bands!

I will not list tracks because listing is on the J – Card Above !

Malachia – Red Sunrise (Bonus Disc) – Live Metal Mardi Gras 1987

Style : Heavy Metal

Location CA , USA

This was another hard one to track down after missing the initial release. This band is great and even better live. But unfortantely the sound quality is not so great on this one .It sounds like a hand held tape recorder recording of this 1987 Metal Mardi Gras malachia show But for the diehard fan of Malachia this is a must have piece of early christian metal history ! This is a 2018 Roxx records bonus cd disc release(100 copies) from the Red sunrise -anthology 2 CD set ! Very rare …. Hard to find CD !


  • Heaven or hell
  • Mark of the beast
  • Red Sunrise
  • Let it Go
  • Sightless
  • Plainsight
  • Lonely is the night
  • Golgotha
  • In Christ we rock
Catalyst – Paradise – 1990 – Album

Style : Heavy Metal

Location : Ohio , USA

I Just found out about these guys catalyst and they are great straight up classic heavy metal. This 12 song album is really good ! Cool album cover artwork ! They also have a demo from 1989 called “catalytic conversion” which I’ve never heard yet , but I’m betting it’s good also ! This is a pretty rare album ! Hard to find !


  • Crackdown-breakdown
  • Dropout loser
  • I wanna live
  • Break my heart again
  • You can’t please everybody
  • Time
  • Fire in her eyes
  • Shelter of your heart
  • Hold onto love
  • Paradise
  • Burning in the fire
  • Trash before you crash




I can’t remember where I got this Demo CD by this band called Kings and priests titled” Take Me Back” but I remember listening to it along time ago and liking it . It is a interesting mix of Worship/Jazz/ Soft Rock . These six guys in this band use the Sax , other assorted horns the electric guitars , keyboards, flutes, harmonica’s and it sounds maybe like multiple singers , it’s quite good! Alot of talent in this band! The only info online I can find on this band is a defunct myspace page they once had many years ago ! But I believe this is there first no label custom 8 song demo Cd ? I’m guessing date is early 1990 ? (No date found on CD) So….. I’m pretty sure it’s pretty rare !


  • My Desire
  • Take me back
  • Jesus Cristo ( Sauvecito)
  • Somebody loves you
  • Your Holiness surrounds me
  • You’re still a young man
  • Psalms 23
  • Slipping into darkness
First Strike – Rock Of Offense- 1984 – Cassette. Exit Label

Style: Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal

Location : Northern CA ,USA

I finally tracked down a cassette of this gem to rip myself ! The audio quality is far superior on this tape mix versus the LP version ,not sure why? , but the difference is huge! First strike is great band from Sacramento CA, they started out as strider I think? This album was also produced my Micheal Roe of the 77’s which is probably why this album so great from start to finish . For 1984 standards it’s a smoking hot metal album ! Not to rare ! but a great album for sure !

Tracks :

  • Slow Poison
  • Your Love
  • Dirty loving
  • Prisoner
  • Money
  • Out of control
  • Hurt by love
  • I want you
  • Loneliness kills
  • Hard times
The Violet Burning – The Violet Underground- Distortion is our friend # 4 (No Label- 2002)

Style : Alt Rock

Location : CA, USA

The Violet Underground – The Violet Burning – Distortion is our friend # 4 2002 CD ( Band release) This CD quickly became my favorite Violet Burning CD it’s got Demos & rarities + live rarities and is by far the violet’s heaviest release! “The killing” Live is quite a rarity ! Wow ! … I quickly snatched this up since it’s not sold on the violet burning website and is probably an obscure very hard to find band release ! The Violet burning are the greatest ! Mike Pritzl is a musical genius ! If you ever seen them in concert ! You know what I’m talking about .

I will not post track listing since it is printed on the CD !


Style: Hard Rock/ Metal

Location : CA USA

These guys are great ! Great hard rock /metal band from the 80’s . And this Jordan 1994 compilation CD is great! This CD contains the entire 4 song demo from 1990 titled “end of the rainbow” and there 3 song 1993 demo titled “Blue ” . CD also contains a 3 songs from Jordan’s super rare self titled 1987 demo and a unreleased demo track which totals this CD at 11 tracks ! A great CD Compilation ! Very rare ! super hard to find !


  • End of the rainbow
  • Road
  • Get Out of my life
  • Calvary
  • Running out of love
  • Bikers for Christ
  • Holding on to You
  • Outta Line
  • Love
  • Amen
  • Tearing down the memorial


Style : Hard Rock / Metal

Location : Stockport , UK

I Just got in a bunch of 100% Proof soundboard rarities (With AMAZING audio sound quality)thanks go out to band member Phillip Wright (100% Proof -Drummer). This is a very interesting 100% Proof artifact . This 5 song concert was broadcast on Piccadilly Radio 261 in Manchester, UK way back in 1982 . The broadcast is of 100% Proof at Manchester University live ! I will say it almost sounds like a studio recording more than a live one. The sound is very clear it has a couple radio signal dropouts which is unfortunate, but you can hear very little to no audience noise at all. Also its is very interesting to hear the English broadcaster(Bryce Cooke) jingles & intros in-between songs very interesting . This is by far the best audio quality 100% proof live recording I have ever heard ! Also added as a bonus track an 1980 radio spot advert for 100% Proof ” New way of living”. where radio announcer mentions 100% Proof had just won the battle of the bands Contest at the Apollo in Manchester that previous Friday! Very Interesting, piece of christian hard rock/ metal history with the 100% Proof ……This is very rare ! Impossible to find !


  • Radio Announcer Intro/ Bad Boy
  • Lookin In
  • Midmorning Blues
  • New Way Of Livin’
  • What’s The Cost
  • UK Radio Advert from 1980- New way of livin’

Style : Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal

Location : Stockport , UK

So this is the famous 1980 Battle of the bands competition show where 100% Proof won and were going onto London for finals and a chance at winning a big secular recording contract. Which 100% Proof never got because after they won the London finals the fans of another band in the competition(Carl green and the scene) bullied the 100% Proof fans and causing 100% Proof to step down from the winning title word has it Carl green and the scene was never heard of again after this ? This Master tape was recorded straight off the soundboard by the band themselves. Very short only 4 songs . The audio quality is pretty decent for a 40 year old audio it’s amazing this recording even exists , and I have a copy of it ! Very Super rare !


  • Bad Boy
  • Freedom
  • New Way OF Livin’
  • Rock N’ Roll

Style: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Location : Stockport, UK

So this is the first time 100% Proof Played at the greenbelt festival and fortunately most of there shows were recorded straight off the soundboard by the band themselves. This is from the master tape straight from the band ! It’s amazing for 1979 that 100% Proof were playing Hard Rock/Metal Back when no-one else was in UK or America ! 100% Proof were the only christian band that was part of the NWOBHM! This recording is 6 songs 2 unreleased songs and the first time they played the AC/DC cover version of “Let there be light”. Audio is very clean soundboard for a 41 year old concert? AMAZING! …….A very rare find !….this one is for sure!


  • New Way Of Livin”
  • I’ve Found A Way
  • Let Jesus Take You Away
  • Freedom
  • Ressurection
  • Let there be Light.

Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Location: Stockport, UK

So this is the second time 100% Proof would play greenbelt ! The show starts with someone counting down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,and 1 then saying “blastoff “then straight into song “Bad Boy” . which is interesting because 1981 they would use intro 2001 space oddessey as the prerecorded show intro ! They also do a longer show 8 songs as they were gaining popularity at greenbelt . Another great sounding show audio straight from band master tape taken directly off soundboard pretty clean ! They also play a unreleased song and instrumental! Great early christian hard rock / Metal. these guys were true pioneers in this genre! Very rare ! Recording !


  • Intro- Bad Boy
  • What’s The Cost
  • Freedom
  • Midmorning Blues
  • Instrumental (Unknown title)
  • Drum Solo
  • Stand Up And Be Alive
  • New Way Of Livin’

Style: Hard Rock/. Metal

Location : Stockport , UK

This is an interesting 2 song demo ? Apparently after Force 3 disbanded in late 1980’s. Charlie Wilson former 100%Proof & Force 3 Guitarist/Vocalist , and Phil Wright former 100%Proof Drummer , Dave Brumall -Bass who was the old sound engineer for 100% proof . And a guy named Ian -unsure last name on keyboards formed a band named Jewel. They did a few gigs and this 2 song demo before disbanding. What I found interesting is the song “In My Life”. would make it on the 1994 Force 3 Demo titled ” On the right track” which I’ve never heard? This Jewel demo is a great produced demo ! great sound this is not heavy metal is more keyboard driven rock , but is very good ! I also included a slowed down acoustic version of a cover of the 100% Proof song “I’m going to win ” as a bonus track !……This is very rare ! Impossible to find for sure!


  • In My Life
  • Every Time
  • I’m Going To Win ( Bonus Track)

Style: Doom / Death Metal

Location: Melbourne , Australia

This is a great thrash / doom / death metal band from Australia . There Drummer is Jason Sherlock formerly of Lightforce/Mortification fame. Jason also did all the cover design artwork on this demo. This is a great early 4 song demo dated 1991 which is very early as mortification had just released there self titled album around that time of this demo ! This is also a very rare demo. Indeed!


  • Sogno- De – Morte
  • Silent Carnage
  • Dead To Death
  • Abstraction


STYLE: Heavy Metal

LOCATION: Los Angeles , CA

Finally got my hands on this epic Crystavox – Bonus disc released by Roxx Records in 2010 ! It contains 3 EP Demo tracks from 1987 ,and 1 Track from (Windows and mirrors) early Crystavox 1987 demo . This Bonus CD also contains a few other cool rarities available only on this disc ! 7 Tracks in total !…Crystavox is a great white metal band from the 80″s !.. Top notch metal through and through . I love these guys ! Hard to find !..Very Rare Cd!

1.  Through the Storm (1987 EP)
2.  Summit ’96 (1996 Promotional Youth Camp Track)
3.  The Road Less Traveled (2002 Studio Scratch Track)
4.  Your Mercy (Praise & Worship Track)
5.  No Turning Back (1987 EP)
6.  You Are the One (1987 EP)
7.  Fame (Windows & Mirrors – Early Crystavox 1987)

Style : Rock / Hard Rock

Location : Tennessee USA

Apparently this is Disciples 2nd Full length demo album released on there independent label .This is way before the band got signed in 1997 so it is very rare to find this cassette. only release ! Disciple would go on to win many dove awards ! they are a great band ! It’s great and a special treat to hear thier beginning’s in full album form. 12 tracks almost an hour long ! Great stuff….. This is very rare !


  1. Can you hear me
  2. Lake of fire
  3. My Love
  4. The wedding
  5. Forgiven
  6. Kill the old flesh
  7. Stronghold
  8. Egotistical willy
  9. Psalm 33:3
  10. Rain
  11. Bust you up
  12. The Kitchen song

Style : Heavy Metal

Location Indiana , USA

Tempest were a great white metal band from the 80’s . Brothers Jamie and Mick Rowe started this band in the mid eighties they were first called travail. This is there last and final show as Tempest in 1989 in Evansville Indiana. Jamie Rowe would go on to sing for Guardian . Sound quality isn’t the greatest for this show kind off a muddy soundboard recording but definetly if your a Tempest fan it’s worth a listen ! This show is pretty rare !

Scarlet Red – Demo – 1989 Blood Bought Records Label

Style : Heavy Metal / Glam Metal

Location : Nashville, TN USA

Great Female fronted glam metal band from the 1980’s I finally tracked down this 4 song demo after many years . Not sure if this released before don’t dance with danger album or after because they both say 1989? It sounds very similar to album release . A great demo , great sound , great production ! Blood bought record label …….Very rare demo indeed !


Style: Heavy Metal

Location: Virginia, USA

This is a great 1987 demo by Second Chance who later became Armageddon. One guy named Robert Lee does all the drums , guitars and Bass while Mike Vance does all the vocals on this demo. It was a bummer this whole demo did not make it on the Armegeddon- Money Mask 2007 Retroactive records Collectors edition song ” Prepare the way” was not included .Not sure why ? This Band has been compared alot to Metal Church, Judas Priest and Anthrax ! This is one of my favorite early white metal bands !….. Very rare demo !

  • Money Mask
  • Nightlight
  • Get In Line
  • Prepare The Way


Style : Heavy Metal

Location: Virginia USA

This is the second demo by Second Chance dated 1988. Once again Multi-Talented Robert Lee on Guitars , Bass And Drums . Mike Vance on all vocals ! A great demo blazing wasteland song would make it on 1988 East Coast Metal Compiliaton Album by regency records label . This band is compared to Metal Church, Judas Priest, And Anthrax style metal ! Unfortunately the judge demo song was left off the 2007 Retroactive release of Armageddon’s – The Money Mask Collector’s edition …Why? ….Who knows?…… This is a great metal demo ! Amazing stuff ! Rare demo for sure !

  • The Blazing wasteland
  • The Judge
  • In Your Face

Style : Hard Rock/ Metal

Location: Australia

This 3 Piece Aussie band play a great Slow paced Melodic metal in the vien of Philadelphia or Vandenberg . This 8 song album was released in 1986 and I just heard about them recently. They have a good write up review in white throne mag issue #4 by Doug ” The Flame ” Peterson , whom I greatly respect and admire ! ………..Very rare demo !

Style : Thrash Metal

Location : Michigan , USA

Vocals- Rob Snell Lead/Rythmn guitar-Kevin Collins Rythmn guitar- Dan Rouse. Bass guitar-Todd Krueter Drums-Robert Reiter

This is supposed to be the band’s first demo ? It’s a great 1988 Thrash Metal Demo this band Rude Awakening was using this demo to get gigs at various festivals like Metal midnight in Fontana Ca… ect…in the late 80″s …Great Demo ….Very short ….But good…And very rare !


  • Burn, Burn , Burn
  • Final Sign
  • Religious Death



This band is really great they sound like a mix between the Scorpions , Dio and Iron maiden !…This is definitely melodic straight up metal out of Washington state. As far as I know this is there first demo eight songs in total and it’s very rare …A great demo overall ! I love the cover design very metal !


  • Whiter than snow
  • Joyful noise
  • My friend
  • Gone astray
  • Marching in
  • The storm is over
  • Unseal the crystal



This 1991 demo by Latter Reign titled” Live for the day” is pretty incredible !….It makes you wonder why these guys never became big in the white metal realm like Stryper ? The songs are great !…The music is great! …..Just all around great for a demo which hopefully someday will get a remaster /reissue it sure deserves it ! Great rare demo !

SERAPH – DEMO – 1994

Style: Thrash Metal

Location : Maryland , USA

This is a great 6 song demo from Seraph ! Apparently this was produced by Joey Daub and Kurt Bachman of “Believer”. so need I say more ? Pure thrash metal a little groove and death metal mixed in ! A great little demo from Seraph dated 1994 …. Very Rare !

Justin Miller Guitars, Vocals
Chien Nguyen Drums
D.N. Nguyen Bass, Vocals
Scott Laird – Violin & Viola’s. ( Also played on Believer Album’s

Producer: Joey Daub & Kurt Bachman (both of BELIEVER) .
– Recorded Aug. 19-21, 1994 at Trauma Studios, Colbrook, Pennsylvania.

If you have something rare ,obscure, out of print you might want to trade ? Please feel free to contact me. I’m mostly looking for Christian 80’s obscure rarities in Hard Rock/Metal/Thrash ! I also buy rare demo tapes physical copies only !



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